Amy Porterfield Net Worth: (Digital Course Academy, Age, Bio, Products {Podcast)

How Did She Built a Multi-Million Dollar Online Business Empire?

Not every author, social media marketer, and entrepreneur coach out there can succeed and hit the wall of success and fame. They are challenges that await any and aim at tearing the weak down thereby making it impossible for them to actualize their dreams. 

But they are people who struggled their way out of these underlying challenges beating their way off the lingering failure ,and are known as one of the best in what they do.

These set of people are worth looking into and taking as inspiration. 

Amy Porterfield is one of those people. She is a remarkable social media marketer, best-selling author, successful entrepreneur coach whose business is estimated to clock $6 million before this year closes off. 

I’ll be discussing her and how she made her money. Like other successful people, her journey was never an easy one; it required determination and persistence to get to where she is today. 

What Is Amy Porterfield’s Net Worth in 2020?

Amy’s Net Worth $13 Million 
Amy Porterfield’s Age  44 years
Amy Porterfield’s Date of Birth 1976
Amy Porterfield’s Residential country California
Amy Porterfield’s source of wealth Author, social media marketer, and entrepreneur coach
Last Updated 2020

Amy Porterfield net worth is $13 million thanks to her growing business, calculated to be the actual net worth for the year 2020. Judging from the recent growth in her company, the net worth for 2021 will be a blast. 

The net worth is the complete sum of all that Amy Portifield’s business comprises. 

Who Is Amy Porterfield? Life Story and Wikipedia

Amy Porterfield is a social media marketer, author, and entrepreneur coach specializing in teaching business owners how to create courses, create webinars and do profitable social media marketing and email list building. She is always releasing helpful podcasts on her site. 

Amy Porterfield was never born rich or acquired her wealth from her parents. She worked her way into becoming who she is today because she was focused and determined. 

She is from a low-income family, even though her parents could provide for her and her sister. She has just one sibling who happens to be a girl like her. Amy’s parents always ensured to give all that is required just to ensure they are comfortable. 

Amy’s dad was a firefighter. Even as a firefighter hi,s pay was not enough to cater to his family’s needs, so he took on another job, thereby making his job two. He had two jobs and ensured to attend to both of them all in a bid to earn enough money required to cater for his family. 

Her mum was a hairstylist in Orange county California, not as a full worker but as a part-time hairstylist. She was not earning enough as a part-time hairstylist but it was enough to put food on the table every day. 

Her mum often made food availabsisterwhen Amy’s dad had other expenses to mak,e like paying the tuition fees for her and her Sister. Even though they were poor, her parents ensured to see her and her sister through school. 

Amy Porterfield later became a content director for a famous and renowned motivational speaker for seven years. 

Amy Porterfield’s Journey To Building Her Wealth & Net Worth

Amy Porterfield was a content writer for a renowned motivational speaker but wasn’t comfortable with the job. It was never about the pay or the job satisfaction but because she wasn’t actualizing her own dream of becoming a boss, instead she was helping someone actualize his own dream. 

Every time she dreams of pulling out and building her own business, she’s always been shut down by her own mindset, always reminding her that she had no digital skill to start with.

As at 2009 when she decided to quit her job, she took her time to learn everything about the digital space. She started out by creating her first social media consulting firm where she had the opportunity of meeting different audiences, understanding their needs and helping solve it by creating a course.

The course was to help them and other people facing the same challenge. 

That was the exact business she wanted to start but she faced two major challenges. These challenges made it difficult for her to hit the success wall the first time.

They made her feel she made a wrong decision quitting her job as a content director. 

One of the challenges she had was the fact that she always wanted a boss that would direct her every action. She loved being a doer even though it never gave her comfort. That was because she was still scared of becoming the “boss” of her own business. 

After two years of running the business, she got a call from one of her worst clients that the marketing campaign she Organized for him did not go well. That happened to be the last straw that broke the camel’s back. After that day Amy Porterfield decided to be the boss of her own business. 

The second challenge she faced was in the area of marketing her course. She spent thousands of dollars creating a course but realized only $247 from selling it. This was because she had no idea who to sell the course to and how to sell it. 

It was when she started paying attention to her audience comments, needs and problems and started creating good courses to help solve their problem that she started making profits. 

With time her business started expanding making more profit and she started making more relevant courses. She also started venturing into other sectors like social media marketing, used her experience and Knowledge to produce great courses for social media marketing.

Amy Porterfield Courses

Amy Portifield has some free courses that will serve as a citadel into certain areas of your business. They are well developed and in-depth covering the necessary area they are meant to cover. 

Email list Starter 

This course teaches business owners and digital marketers on how to build their email list with relevant emails of people that will be interested in buying your product. The course is well designed to suit any business and is not packed as “quantity content” but “quality content”. 

To be able to access this course, click on this link add your email address and sign up for her newsletter. 

Ultimate Course creation Starter kit

This free course is for people that want to create a course for their business and have no clue on how to go about it. It is completely free and explains the necessary things required as well as how to get started. 

To access this course, click on this link, put your email address and it will be sent directly to your email. 

How to choose a perfect (and profitable webinar topic)

This course aims at teaching you the guiding principle on how to choose the best webinar topic that will benefit your business and help generate enough lead from a single webinar. The course is free and designed for anyone that wants to create a webinar. 

To access this free course, click on this link, sign up with your email address and it will be sent to your email for free. 

Amy Portifield Digital Academy

This academy teaches you on how to create courses, modify the course and Market the course to the right audience. This program is aimed at teaching you everything you need to know in regards course creation down to making high profit from it. 

The program is still in it’s development stage. All you can right now is to join the wait list so you don’t miss out. Click the link to join

Amy Porterfield On Social Media

Almost every successful entrepreneur makes use of social media to further reach the public. Amy makes use of social media to post relevant information regarding her business, useful quotes and any free course or social media consultation she has to offer. 

Amy Porterfield Twitter

Amy Porterfield makes use of Twitter to tweet relevant information. It’s an open means for Twitter users to follow her and be the first to grab any offer she has to offer. 

You can follow Amy on Twitter by clicking on the link Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield Instagram

Amy Porterfield makes use of Instagram to Post few relevant live videos about her and her business. It’s a free social media platform for posting live videos and it is being leveraged by Amy to pass relevant information in form of live videos. 

If you’re on Instagram and you’re interested in following her on Instagram you can click on the link Amy Porterfield.

Amy Porterfield YouTube

Most of Amy Porterfield courses are documented in her YouTube channel. It is free to access and holds relevant information for a longer period of time. 

You can subscribe to her YouTube channel to watch all her relevant information anytime you feel like. All you need do is to subscribe through the link. Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield Facebook

Facebook holds the largest population of audience that are more interested in her Business. She drops relevant information on her Facebook handle. 

If you want to follow her on Facebook, then you can send her friend request and like her Page by clicking on the link. Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield LinkedIn

Every job opportunity that may be available in her Business is made open to the public through her LinkedIn account. If you feel you can work with Amy Porterfield and have the required skill set, then following her on LinkedIn will be the perfect option. 

Click on the link to visit and follow Amy Porterfield on LinkedIn. Amy Porterfield Pinterest

Pinterest is being leveraged by Amy to post her important quotes that will help in building and encouraging anyone that needs motivation. It contains all her relevant quotes in the form of a picture post. 

To find all her quotes on Pinterest, then follow her Pinterest link. Amy Porterfield

What Is The Secret Key To Amy Porterfield’s Success?

The secret key to Amy Porterfield’s success is her firm determination and desire to be the boss of her own business and income. 

According to Amy Porterfield, she has always been told by her dad and her sister to ensure becoming the boss. Everything starting from learning another skill set just to create a course for her audience was due to her driven motivation of becoming a boss. 

Even when she was earning high as a Content director of a renowned motivational speaker, she was never comfortable because she wasn’t the boss, instead she was helping another man become the boss. 

This driven motivation to become a boss made her quit her job and started her own business. 

Famous Amy Porterfield Quotes

Get honest with yourself.  Right now.  Right this minute.  And speak out loud what’s holding you back.”… Amy Porterfield

“Any highly profitable entrepreneur will tell you that their sales funnel is absolutely essential to their success!” .. Amy Porterfield

“I like simple things.  It feels right to me.” .. Amy Porterfield

“If you hate it, stop doing it.  If it makes you miserable, find a new way to get to the result you’re after.” .. Amy Porterfield

“The energy of your business is directly tied to your email list.” .. Amy Porterfield

“The art isn’t always in getting it exactly right the first time out, but in being humble enough to regroup when you know in your gut that something is off and you can make it right.” .. Amy Porterfield

“Good things come to those who work their asses off.” .. Amy Porterfield

“One of my success secrets is taking action daily to move my business forward.” .. Amy Porterfield

“I do my best work when I feel good in my surroundings.  For me, my office has to be a space I enjoy creating in — it’s a must!” .. Amy Porterfield

“In my experience, little by little, the shift toward something great begins the instant you make it known.” .. Amy Porterfield

“I know that everyone thinks free traffic is the sexiest thing ever, but you know what is even sexier than free?  Results!” .. Amy Porterfield

“Ads in the newsfeed get way better conversions than ads in the right column.” .. Amy Porterfield

“A mentor of mine recently told me that we are worthy because we exist.  That’s all.  Because we exist.  That’s a hard lesson for me to learn and maybe you too, but I believe it to be true.” .. Amy Porterfield

“Facebook is an investment, not a free place to post your stuff.” .. Amy Porterfield

“My business strategy has always been to learn from those that are getting results and model what’s already working.” .. Amy Porterfield

“You can’t play it safe and you can’t just work on the stuff that makes you feel confident, accomplished, and smart.  In order to create amazing shifts and transformations for your clients and customers, you’ve got to dig in and work on the stuff that is important, but might not come easy to you at all times.” .. Amy Porterfield

“What does your ideal audience need to experience, be aware of, or believe… in order to want or need your product?” .. Amy Porterfield

“Give them what they want in your free giveaways.  Teach them what they need to know in your paid offerings.” .. Amy Porterfield

“When I started my training and consulting business, I thought I’d have a lot more free time, since I’d be calling the shots and no one was going to be tracking my hours any longer.  I’d just left a job where I was working 60+ hours a week, so the thought of working less was beautiful.  But I quickly realized that building a business is no cakewalk, and I think, during that first year, I worked way more than my 60+ hours per week with Tony.  It was a big eye-opener, and I realized I needed to start making some boundaries or else I would be living on my computer 24/7.” .. Amy Porterfield

Random Facts About Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is actually married without any kids. According to her in one of her podcasts it was a decision she had her husband made not to have kids together. Whereas her husband has a kid from another woman. 

Amy is scared of Aging. According to her, she’s scared of her looks when she grows old and how she will look on social media because of her business. She’s already taking care of her skin with LED light and multiwave. 

Amy Porterfield is embarrassed because of her weight. She’s Embarrassed how she is because according to her she does not suit the social media and her business structure. 

Growing up Amy has always been scared of her dad. He was too strict and expected more out of her than she had to offer. 

Amy Porterfield – A Scam or Worth Listening to?

Amy Porterfield is actually Worth listening to. All her success stories and her background stories when analyzed carefully are actually true, none is a fallacy. 

It is never easy to actualize anything good or reach a great height without leaving your comfort zone. Amy had to leave her comfort zone as a Content director into building her own business. 

It takes a number of failures to achieve success. Amy’s success story had a lot of challenges and failures that would have made her quit but instead she learnt from her failures and pressed further not minding other challenges that might arise. She was ready to take on any challenge, document it along with her way of solving it including the failures just for people to learn from. 

Amy Porterfield is worth listening to because she’s a clear example that the driving force to every successful business is not the background or the business itself but your determination and measures towards succeeding. 

If you’ve gained value from Amy Porterfield’s story, you have a question or something to add, please let me know by commenting. Thank you. 


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