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European Court of Human Rights rules in favour of Emin Huseynov

The European Court of Human Rights has made its ruling in a case brought by Emin Huseynov, finding Azerbaijan’s government responsible for multiple violations of his human rights.

In 2008, Emin Huseynov was detained and seriously assaulted by police who broke up a private party to celebrate Che Guevara’s birthday. Huseynov was struck multiple times to the back of the neck during the attack at a district police station and the attack led to Huseynov being admitted to intensive care, suffering from a traumatic brain injury. A subsequent criminal complaint made by Huseynov was not investigated.

The judges in Strasbourg ruled that Azerbaijan’s government was responsible for multiple infringements of Emin Huseynov’s basic human rights – for the assualt he received, the lack of a proper investigation, and the restriction of his rights of free expression and assembly. Huseynov remains in hiding in the Swiss embassy in Baku, which is surrounded by police.

While this judgment, which orders that Azerbaijan’s government pays Huseynov 20,000 Euro in compensation and costs, makes no immediate difference to his situation, it serves as irrefutable proof that his treatment at the hands of Azerbaijan’s government has violated basic international standards and demonstrates just why he needs continued protection.